Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Something New

I am THE QUEEN of trying new things for amusement and to entertain myself. I have made and do make jewelry & duct tape wallets that I have sold through my Facebook fan page & Etsy store. For the most part, I see things & I think, "hey, I can do that myself". Then I will. I do crafts with the kids & share a love of creating new things with them. As a stay at home mom of 3 rugrats (2 in elementary school full day & the "monster" is home with me all day), I am always looking for some sort of time or activity or something that identifies me. Just me. Laurie. Not the mom, the wife, the in-law, the neighbor, etc. Okay okay, so realistically that's not going to happen, but I try. When you become a mom, you lose the "mine & me" mentality and life becomes about your family. And I'm okay with that...but, I've been told that it doesn't have to be. There is a way to balance some "me" time, and still be all those things I'm needed to be. But that's another post for another time in the diaries of self exploration as part of my "Identity Crisis".

I have found a passion, ok an obsession for DIY blogs and looking at other people's design ideas and tutorials. Although we do not own our home, our landlord has pretty well given us liberty to pretty much do whatever we want. After 3 years of this house, I'm pretty tired of how it looks and feels. Since buying a house is not in the cards right now for a few different reasons, I think breathing new life into what we already have is our best option.

  ~ So here's to another something new & the diary of my personal and home make-over ~

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