Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mothers Day Weekend Project - an Ikea transformation

Mothers Day weekend was great for me! All I requested was time and a few supplies to work on my first piece of furniture. My hubby says I'm not allowed to start browsing for pieces until I do one and see how I do. I believe his exact quote, "let's see whatcha got". Well, I showed him :o) 

This is an Ikea toy box that we've had for several years. Seemed like a pretty good candidate. Not too big, and not too many ornate details to work with.

This is your pretty standard, plain jain wooden box.

Here I primed it, and had already stained the top with a gorgeous Walnut stain by Minwax. (Zinsser makes sevearl really great primers. The one I used came in a can. The coverage was excellent!) Love the color (you'll see what I mean) - You'll notice I got some on the right side when I was wiping with an old T-shirt ;o) ooops!

See that walnut color? Lovely. This is after 1 coat of paint. Just plain white, with barely a hint of color. I wasn't too concerned with the color as I was already planning to brown it up with an "antique" technique. 

And Voila!
After using that same Walnut stain, brushing it on, wiping it off with a damp cloth, this is the desired effect ;o)

Turned out so good! Both my hubby and I were pleased with how it turned out. Much better than either of us expected to be honest ;o)
All this needs is a cute little vintage style vinyl on the front and it's a keeper!

Of course now that I've proven myself, I'm now allowed to freely browse Craigslist and visit the thrift store. Ok, so that doesn't mean I can hoard lots of pieces I think I'm going to have time to work on, buuuut, I can justify bringing something home - Especially if it's a freebie  ;o)


  1. Wow! That looks amazing. Great job. (o:

  2. Laurie - Love what you have done with this piece - the natural top and white bottom is gorgeous! Fabulous job. Thanks so much for linking to The Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this Sunday. Have a wonderful week.
    ~ Stephanie Lynn